Why Natural Cold Relief?

Coldrops® products make relief from cold symptoms easy with soothing menthol for everyone in the family, from children to adults. Take a deep breath and feel a cooling sensation, opening nasal passages and easing pain from sore throats.

We've Dropped Everything…

We've dropped the sugar, artificial sweeteners, and the decongestants to make Coldrops® easy and simple. The only ingredient is Mentoil®, a naturally sourced blend of menthol and fractionated coconut oil, free from additives, preservatives, and added flavours.

Together in Coldrops®, these ingredients help you fight through a cold without unwanted ingredients.

  • Gluten Free Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free Wheat Free
  • Soy Free Soy Free
  • Sugar Free Sugar Free
  • Dairy Free Dairy Free
  • Peanut Free Peanut Free
  • Corn Free Corn Free

Why Mentoil®?

Menthol is what causes mint to be "minty" and makes your body feel cool. This non-prescription remedy temporarily relieves sore throats, comforts coughs and makes nasal passages feel clearer. The fractionated coconut oil acts as a simple carrier, delivering menthol and coating the mouth and throat, so you can get back to being you.

Menthol is naturally found in mint plants such as peppermint and wild mint, also known as Mentha arvensis. Due to its cooling and soothing properties, Menthol, once viewed as a ‘herbal treatment’, is now used as a natural but effective cold remedy.

For adult symptomatic relief in just one drop, visit Coldrops®, or for extra strength relief in a spray there’s Coldrops® Mister.
Looking for children’s symptom relief? Learn more about Kids Coldrops®.